Rekey Locks

Is the front door lock okay but the key is stolen and now you are worried? What’s the reason for worrying when you can easily rekey locks in Thornhill, Ontario? The secret to such problems – when the lock is not damaged but the key may put your security at stake, is to change the key and the pins of the lock. When this is done, the lock is the same but its pin configuration is different and so only the newly made key fits. If that’s what you want now, let Thornhill Locksmith be of service to you.

Ready to rekey locks, Thornhill locksmiths are at your service

Rekey Locks Thornhill

In Thornhill, lock rekey services are offered fast, especially if there’s an urgent situation. What that could be? When the key to the office, the house, the apartment, or an important file cabinet is stolen or suddenly goes missing. To protect your property, call us. Let us send a locksmith to rekey the lock in question and create a new key for you.

What’s the point of taking risks? Our team is aware of such pressing situations and ready to send a pro for the key change service. The lock is rekeyed, the new key is cut, and your security concerns go out of the window. And all that in a timely fashion and at a very good rate. Why don’t you contact us to get a quote? Or to tell us if you urgently seek a locksmith to rekey locks?

Want locks rekeyed so that they’ll operate with one key? No problem

Do you need to book key replacement and lock rekeying for a different reason? We assume you are tired of carrying lots of keys with you and would prefer to have the locks of some doors and cabinets rekeyed and one key made to operate them all. Let us assure you that we have experience with all master key system setups. The designs of such systems are made to meet the exact needs of a certain building or customer in regard to security – of course, and also convenience. Want to share more about your case with us?

Contact our team. Say if you want locks rekeyed and if this is an emergency or not. To effortlessly book an experienced locksmith to rekey locks, Thornhill residents should turn to our team. Call us with no hesitation.